Agua y Vino – Flamenco & Gipsy Music

Agua y Vino – Flamenco & Gipsy Music

The flamenco show from Würzburg offers Spanish folk and gypsy music with dancing, singing and guitar

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love, life, passion - that's Agua y Vino, the flamenco show from Würzburg.
But flamenco dancing and Spanish folklore is only one facet of the wide-ranging repertoire of both artists: There are also legends from Mexico and other Latin American countries - We will harness the great arch of the place and time of the Spanish-speaking music that knows no borders. With the program are also rumbas of the Camargue, such as known melodies of the Gipsy Kings. Instrumental tracks invite you to dream trips to distant lands. Gipsy Music, the music of the Sinti, faces in the program of the Art of the Spanish Gitanos. Rousing guitar music, passionate singing, spirited dancing and Kastagnettenklänge leave memories and longings revive ....
Agua y Vino is a mediator of their art. Clear and informative moderated, the audience is brought close to what is happening on stage:
Strong emotions with a touch of humor and enchanting details


The Würzburg folk duo Agua y Vino shows for you:
Flamenco & Spanish folklore
Dances, z.T.
with Acessoires like fans, floor, a large cloth Bata de cola (hauling rock)
Music from Spain (guitar duos, castanets, songs of F.G.Lorca)
Rumba Camargue
Songs of the Gipsy Kings)
Songs from South America (as Mercedes Sosa)
Legends from Mexico (Cucurrucucu, El Jinete, Malagueña salerosa)
e.g. as 1-5 minute show deposits or as a whole concert (2 x 45 min)


Momentan leider nur Standbildvideos der Musik - Video der Show folgt bald...

Als Trio mit Geige - Agua y Vino 3D:


Flamenco Festival Nürnberg (2006)
Flamenco Festival Stuttgart (2011)
div. Night of Culture, Long Shopping Night, Night of Museums, exhibitions (Musikmesse, Food)
Company: AUDI (Ingolstadt), Henkel, Bosch Rexroth, Fendt; Bertelsmann, Meissen-Tourist
Hotels: Ceres am Meer, Maritim (Würzburg), Elephant (Weimar)
u.v.m in Bavaria and the Rhine-Main area.



The Würzburg flamenco show is to book e.g. in Bavaria and the nearby Rhein-Main area, Aschaffenburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt, Bamberg, Frankfurt - but also like nationally on request.